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Interface Consulting International, Inc., a global expert services firm, is proud to announce the promotions of two members of its team, Christopher Sullivan and Lauren Purcell. “As we continue to evolve as an organization, the responsibility of these individuals has been integral to the success of providing high-quality service and work to our clients,” said Lisa Heard, vice president – commercial group. “Their commitment to building powerful client relationships, delivering innovative work, and creating a positive impact has been, and continues to be, indispensable to Interface’s success.”

Mr. Sullivan has been promoted to senior vice president. “Chris is a devoted and hard-working leader of our company who has done a tremendous job for us and is very deserving of this promotion,” said Ms. Heard. “He has consistently demonstrated his engineering and construction expertise and dedication to our client service and consulting staff as our business operations have expanded and our work becomes more complex.” Mr. Sullivan joined Interface in 2002 and possesses over 30 years of construction and engineering experience.

Ms. Purcell joined Interface in 2015 as the firm’s project coordinator and has been promoted to commercial manager. She helps manage Interface’s assignments from their initiation through to completion, coordinates with the technical consultants and the firm’s clients, and claims various duties for the firm’s commercial group. “Lauren’s promotion to commercial manager reflects years of exemplary work as a diligent team member who has served the office in many capacities. She has taken on increasing responsibility in customer and project services as well as accounts payable and receivables under our commercial department. 

“The promotion of these two employees reflects the continued strive for professional growth and excellence in our firm,” Ms. Heard added. “We are proud to recognize the contributions that Chris Sullivan and Lauren Purcell have made to Interface Consulting.”