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With industry experience in the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets, Interface Consulting understands the nature of the pipeline engineering and construction environment, both onshore and offshore. We analyze design and construction issues for our pipeline industry clients such as scheduling and labor inefficiency impacts caused by untimely shutdowns, move-arounds, right-of-way permits, and work sequencing; late owner-furnished pipe and equipment; defective pipe and materials; and construction changes.

Our analyses utilize the most effective models to assess contractor entitlement in a variety of construction claims including measured mile, modified total cost, and discrete change. Clients turn to us to evaluate pipeline spills, failures, and ruptures; assess liabilities, damages, and losses; calculate repair and replacement costs; and prepare expert reports and builder’s risk insurance claims. Our clients include operators, engineers, contractors, insurance carriers, and legal counsel on projects ranging from in-plant operations to land and subsea pipeline transportation systems.

Interface Consulting’s pipeline experience encompasses the following areas: