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Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is simply natural gas in a liquid form. It allows natural gas to be transported as a liquid from a region of gas surplus to a region of gas demand, where pipelines are uneconomical or impossible to build. In the past, the United States increased imports of LNG via regasification terminals. More recently, the United States and other countries have moved toward exporting natural gas via LNG liquefaction plants, including some conversions of existing regasification plants to liquefaction plants.

Interface Consulting’s consultants and experts have experience in the construction of both liquefaction and regasification LNG facilities, such as LNG import terminals in Louisiana and Texas, and LNG export facilities in Qatar and Yemen. As natural gas production increases in the United States, so does the need for export terminals, resulting in continued construction, expansion, and conversion of LNG terminals.

Natural gas liquids, or NGL, are hydrocarbon gases that exist as liquids under pressure, such as butane and propane. These are typically derived from natural gas that is extracted from the ground and processed in a gas processing plant. Because NGL is derived from raw natural gas, NGL plants are typically a part of a natural gas processing facility.
Interface Consulting’s experience includes an array of LNG and NGL facility construction projects across the globe including work such as contract risk analysis, change order management, project management assistance, claims mitigation, and litigation assistance. Listed below are some of the LNG and NGL projects on which Interface Consulting has assisted owners, contractors, and subcontractors with construction- and engineering-related issues.

  • Aguaytia Gas Fractionization Plants
  • Exxon Mobil Golden Pass LNG Terminal
  • Gulf Liquids Gulsby-Bay NGL Plant
  • Juniper GTL Brownfield Plant
  • Lake Charles LNG Expansion
  • Lake Charles Trunkline LNG Expansion
  • Marathon Equatorial Guinea LNG Plant
  • Marathon Russia Sakhalin Island Phase Development
  • MarkWest Hydrocarbon NGL Facility
  • Mobil Oso NGL Recovery Facilities
  • Mobil Oso NGL Recovery RX Deck Fabrication
  • PDVSA Lake Maracaibo Lama NGL Plant
  • Piedmont Natural Gas Plant
  • Qatar General Petroleum LNG Expansion
  • Sonatrach LNG 2Z Retrofit
  • West Africa LNG Plant
  • Yemen LNG Development