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As long as oil and natural gas are major ingredients in the worldwide energy economy, subsea pipelines will be installed, replaced, and repaired. Subsea pipelines are an integral part of moving hydrocarbons and natural gas from offshore production equipment to marine transport vessels and onshore processing facilities. As new production facilities go online, new subsea pipelines must be built.

Interface Consulting assists owners and contractors in all stages of subsea pipeline development with issues such as schedule delays, increased costs, construction mismanagement, welding issues, and defective work. Interface Consulting has performed construction- and engineering-related professional consulting services on the following subsea pipeline projects:

  • Baydaratskaya Bay Pipeline Crossing
  • BHP Billiton Neptune TLP Export Pipelines
  • BP Pompano Pipeline
  • Cabinda Gulf Oil Co. Malongo Critical Pipeline
  • Chevron Nigeria TIP Pipelines
  • Conoco Belida Offtake Facility & Pipeline
  • Conoco Jolliet TLP Pipelines
  • Conoco Venezuela Heavy Oil Pipeline
  • Corpus Christi Marine Terminal EF90
  • Equilon Poseidon Pipeline Phase III
  • Exxon Santa Ynez Unit Pipeline
  • Leviathan Gas Pipeline East Cameron 373
  • Marathon Alba Pipeline
  • North Sea Veslefrikk Pipeline
  • Pemex EPC-63/EPC-64 Cantarell Field Pipelines
  • Poseidon Oil Pipeline Co. 24" Block 332 Pipeline
  • Shell 12" Water Injection Pipeline
  • Southern National Gas Mississippi Canyon Pipeline
  • Texaco Eugene Island 16" Pipeline
  • Texaco Pipeline Lake Barre Oil Spill
  • US DOE 24" Brine Disposal Pipeline
  • Viosca Knoll 203 Gas Pipeline
  • Williams Oil Mountaineer 20" Pipeline
  • Yellowhammer Bay Pipelines