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The oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore, faces increased challenges finding, developing, producing, and transporting oil and gas to markets. Interface Consulting has assisted clients on numerous offshore oil and gas facilities ranging from subsea pipelines to offshore platforms; this includes fixed platforms and jack-up rigs in shallow waters, as well as SPARS, FPSOs, tension-leg platforms, and semi-submersible platforms in deeper waters. Interface Consulting also has extensive experience with onshore gas-oil separation plants (GOSPs), gas-treating plants, compressor stations, crude oil and product pumping stations, in addition to overland pipelines.

Interface Consulting has assisted oil and gas companies since 1986 by providing expert consulting services and advice throughout the engineering, procurement, and construction stages of upstream and downstream projects. The following is list of oil and gas projects for which Interface Consulting has provided consulting services, ranging from construction and project management assistance to construction claims services, and expert litigation and arbitration support services:

Aguaytia Gas Fractionization Plants
Aguaytia Gas Pipeline
Amoco Hugoton Jayhawk Natural Gas Plant
Chevron Gaviota Gas Plant
Coastal Corp. Blacks Fork Gas Processing Plant
ExxonMobil Qua Iboe Terminal
Hannibal Gas Treating Plant
Kinder Morgan Compressor Station
Kuwait Oil & Gas Facility
Louisiana Neptune II Gas Plant
Marathon Russia Sakhalin Island Phase Development
Maxus Energy Amazon Pipeline
Meeker I & Pioneer I Gas Plants
Neptune II Gas Plant
PDVSA Lake Maracaibo Lama NGL Plant
Pemex Atasta Compression Upgrade
Setal Lummus Fabrication Facilities
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) Strategic Reconfiguration
US DOE 24" Brine Disposal Pipeline
US DOE SPR Degassing Facilities Big Hill & Bryan Mound
Venezuelan Extra-Heavy  Oil  Project Contrina Claims
Westside Energy Production Company Primula #1H Well