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The search for new subsea oil and gas fields, particularly in deep water, will continue to grow as older and more mature land-based and shallow-water fields continue to diminish.  The offshore oil and gas industry is critical to maintaining energy independence and developing new sources of fuel vital to the global economy. However, the industry faces increased challenges due to expanding frontiers and adjustments to advancing technology in the construction and installation of subsea pipelines, platforms (fixed platforms, SPARS, tension-leg platforms, and semi-submersibles), rigs (jack-up and drill ships), and other drilling production equipment. As major oil and gas companies and offshore contractors continue to invest in offshore drilling and production in order to meet the energy needs of the world, construction disputes will continue to occur on these projects.

Interface Consulting has worked throughout the world with owners, operators, and contractors on offshore and marine projects in various stages of dispute, from claims to litigation. Clients rely on Interface Consulting to resolve construction claims, schedule delays, and cost overruns, among other complex issues. The following is a comprehensive list of the projects in which Interface Consulting has provided construction and engineering consulting services:

Agip Grand Isle Block 102
Angola LNG Harbor Tug Service
Apache Foxtrot A 
Baobab Field FPSO Tanker Facility
BHP Billiton Neptune TLP Export Pipelines
BHP Billiton Neptune TLP Hull Remediation
BP Pompano Pipeline
Bukha Development 
Challis Salram Oil Storage Facility
Chevron Hermosa Platform Topside Facility
Chevron LL-652 Field Development
Chevron Nigeria TIP Pipelines
Chevron Nigeria TIP Vessels
Chevron Opuekeba Production Facility
Conoco Belida Development 
Conoco Belida Field Development
Conoco Belida Offtake Facility & Pipeline
Conoco Jolliet Green Canyon Block 184
Conoco Jolliet Green Canyon Block 184 TLWP
Conoco Jolliet TLP Pipelines
Deep-Sea Diving Inefficiency Study
Dominion Devils Tower Spar Topsides & Suction Caissons
Dominion Devils Tower Suction Caissons
East Cameron Block 66 Platform
Enserch Garden Banks 388 Development
Enserch Green Canyon 254 FPSO 
Enterprise Oil Bijupira & Salema Fields FPSO Dvlpmt.
Esso Angola Kizomba Deepwater FPSO
Esso Chad Exploration & Production
Esso Malaysia Production
Esso Nigeria Erha Deepwater FPSO
Esso Production Malaysia
Euromar/Orinoco Transfer Station
Exxon Santa Ynez Unit Pipeline
ExxonMobil Kittiwake Offshore Platform
High Block 30L & 31L Platform & Pipeline
Husky Energy White Rose Field Development
Husky Energy White Rose Subsea System
Iroquois Saturation Bell Incident
Ju’aymah Pile Encapsulation
Khafji Offshore Field Development
Kuwait Oil & Gas Facility
Leviathan East Cameron Block 373 Platform
Liuhua Field Subsea Systems Development
M/V Seacor Master Allision Platform 395 A
Marathon Alba Phase III
Marathon Alba Pipeline
Marathon Steelhead Platform
Marine Vessel Schedule Management System
Market Research on Platform Salvaging
Mobil Oso NGL Recovery RX Deck Fabrication
MODEC Prince TLP Hull
Momentum Phase II Drilling Rig Conversion
Murphy Oil Medusa Spar Topsides
Mustang Island 828 Platform
North Sea Veslefrikk Pipeline
Orinoco River Spread Mooring System
Panna/Tapti Pipelines
Pemex Cantarell Field Akal-C 
Petrobras P-37 FPSO
Petro-Canada Terra Nova Field
Pogo Tantawan Field FPSO
Poseidon Oil Pipeline Co. 24" Block 332 Pipeline
Samedan Mari-B Gas Production Platform
Samedan Platform Installation
Santa Fe Rig 127 Incident
Shell MARS Tension-Leg Platform
Southern National Gas Mississippi Canyon Pipeline
Thunder Hawk Semi-Submersible FPU 
Total E&P Eugene Island Lot 275A
Total E&P Matterhorn SeaStar TLP
Transocean Deepwater Nautilus
USAF Gulfport Ocean Tower
USAF Homestead Ocean Tower
Viosca Knoll 203 Gas Pipeline
West Cameron Block 518 Platform
Yellowhammer Bay Pipelines