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Telecommunication and technology infrastructure often encounter challenges during their construction or the construction of other projects in their vicinity. Fiber optic cables or transmission lines can become damaged with the building of new infrastructure, improvement or repair of existing infrastructure, or construction of new buildings over underground utilities. In addition, extreme weather conditions, like severe flooding or earthquakes, can cause significant harm to these underground lines or communication towers.

Interface Consulting assists various clients around the US and abroad, including public entities, owners, and contractors, with construction- and engineering-related disputes that may arise on telecommunication and technology infrastructure projects. Issues often associated with these kinds of disputes include schedule delays, construction defects, and damage assessment and entitlement.

Interface Consulting has provided comprehensive evaluation and expert testimony to assist clients in mitigating disputes, litigations, and arbitrations surrounding these issues on the following construction projects:

  • American Tower Rosenberg Telecommunications Tower
  • Level 3 ILA Hut Construction
  • TDOT TVA Tower Relocations
  • USAF Gulfport Ocean Tower
  • USAF Homestead Ocean Tower