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Geotechnical and environmental issues pose unique challenges to construction projects. Whether the project is a reservoir, detention or retention basin, well, dam, levee, high-rise building, or bridge, there are inherent risks in building structures designed to go on or in the ground. Natural hazards, including differing site conditions, earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, and soil liquefaction, can affect and result from these projects. Therefore, soil and rock mechanics must be evaluated to ensure the stability of not only the structure to be built, but also the surrounding environment.

 Interface Consulting is familiar with these risks and has assisted various government entities, contractors, and subcontractors involved in complex geotechnical and environmental projects from New York to California and Texas to Canada.

Interface Consulting assists clients with disputes related to geotechnical and/or environmental effects, productivity loss, schedule delay, and other construction management issues common to geotechnical and environmental projects. Our experience in this area includes the following projects: 

  • California Eastside Reservoir
  • Chambers County Wallisville Reservoir
  • City of Austin SWS System Center
  • City of Houston Pump Station Replacement & Lift Renewal
  • Conrad Sauer Detention Basin & Pump Station
  • Lytle Lake Water Control & Improvement District Dredging
  • Massachusetts Shaffer Landfill
  • New York Flushing Bay CSO Retention Facility
  • Nolan Ridge Phase 2 Development Detention Pond
  • Savannah River Site Retention Basin
  • TransAlta Utilities Coal Mine Drag Line
  • US Department of Energy Idaho - Pit 9
  • Westside Energy Production Company Primula #1H Well