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Clients choose Interface Consulting for our superior ability to inform, illustrate, and address complex construction issues through our work products. In the links below are excerpts from statements of expert opinion, claims we have prepared, claims we have analyzed, mediation settlement aids, demonstrative evidence, and other work products illustrating the approach and capability we commonly employ on our work assignments.

These work product excerpts highlight the issues involved in projects of various industries spanning the globe and showcase many of the services Interface Consulting provides to clients. They have been selected based on their graphic illustrations and coverage of design and construction issues to provide an overview of our work with contractors, owners, attorneys, sureties, insurers, and other parties involved in construction disputes.

Samples of Interface Consulting work products include the following:

Buildings & Facilities

Transportation & Infrastructure

Oil & Gas Pipelines

LNG & Biofuels

Marine & Offshore Production

Power & Energy

Process & Industrial