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Frank Adams

With the technology advancements and complex business relationships characteristic of the modern construction industry, construction scheduling has become increasingly more important. Interface Consulting provides a variety of expert services to assist our clients with all facets of scheduling and project management. From the planning and implementation of critical path method (CPM) scheduling to forensic schedule delay analysis and damage quantification, Interface Consulting's experts have the experience and knowledge to respond to clients’ needs.

Schedule Evaluation

A properly planned and realistic construction schedule can facilitate timely, coordinated, and efficient project execution and provide a means to identify potential issues impacting project completion and profitability. Interface Consulting assists contractors, owners, and construction managers with various schedule-related services including:  

  • Contract Scheduling Specification Preparation
  • Baseline Schedule Review and Contract Compliance Evaluation
  • Contemporaneous Delay Analysis and Quantification
  • Recovery Schedule Evaluation

Schedule Delay Claims and Expert Analysis

Construction delay claims are perhaps the most common and misunderstood disputes in the construction industry. Our scheduling experts have advanced hands-on knowledge of CPM schedule analysis and extensive practical experience in the contract claims environment involving delay, disruption, and acceleration issues. We frequently assist clients with schedule analysis and quantification of actual and liquidated damages related to delays, disruptions, and acceleration.

Interface Consulting provides contemporaneous and forward-looking CPM schedule analysis to facilitate the early resolution of schedule-related changes as well as forensic delay analysis for the preparation of affirmative and defense delay claims. Our professionals also serve as scheduling experts testifying in US federal and state courts and numerous arbitrations administered under American Arbitration Association (AAA), The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) forums.

Our scheduling experts specialize in CPM schedule analysis by means of the following industry-recognized methodologies:

It should be noted that the selection of a particular schedule analysis methodology depends on the project facts, the nature of the events being analyzed, the nature and extent of available as-built information, and the available progress data, and may vary from project to project. Each of the above-referenced schedule analysis methodologies has inherent advantages and disadvantages. Interface Consulting has extensive experience handling construction delay claims and our construction claims consultants are skilled at tailoring our schedule analysis approach to suit a project’s needs and constraints.