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Power facilities include power plants that generate electricity for commercial sale, as well as smaller plants that may exist within industrial facilities. Power can be generated in a number of ways: burning coal, nuclear reactors, wind turbines, natural gas, capturing solar energy, harnessing geothermal energy, hydroelectrically, utilizing integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) technology, or other methods.

In the United States, most commercial power is developed by burning coal and/or natural gas. Traditional coal-fired plants are typically pulverized coal, supercritical pulverized coal, or circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers; while newer and more expensive technologies, such as IGCC, are gaining momentum with the push to develop clean coal technologies. Natural-gas-fired units typically include gas-fired combustion turbines (simple cycle) and may also include heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and steam turbines to generate additional power in a combined cycle mode of operation.

The proliferation of digital devices and population growth has led to continued increase in demand for electricity. This, combined with aging facilities and regulatory changes, has contributed to the consistent need for the construction of new power generation facilities. Interface Consulting has provided litigation and claims consulting services, as well as other construction advisory services on numerous power projects, such as a nuclear plant and natural-gas-fired combined cycle plants in Texas, various combined cycle and cogeneration facilities worldwide, a boiler project in Aruba, and a wind farm development in Texas.

Provided below is a partial listing of the various power-related projects in which Interface Consulting has assisted owners, contractors, or subcontractors.

  • Aguaytia Yarinacocha Power Plant
  • Air Liquide Geismar Cogeneration Plant
  • BP Rodeo & Helios Center CHP System
  • Calhoun Power 20" Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Calpine Channel Energy Center Cogeneration Unit
  • Conoco Westlake Hydrocracker
  • CPS Energy JT Deely Power Plant
  • Crown Paper Gas Turbine/HRSG Cogeneration Facility
  • Crystal River Power Plant
  • Duke Edwardsport Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Station
  • Eastex Cogeneration Power Plant
  • FP&L Energy Forney Pipeline Natural Gas Inlet Facility
  • GENA Termo Colon Power Plant
  • HB Robinson Coal-Fired Plant, Unit No. 1
  • Hays Energy Power Generation Plant Water Drainage System
  • Inland Empire Energy Center HRSG Installation
  • Kamine Natural Dam Cogeneration Plant
  • Kansas Power & Light Railcar Facility
  • Kaufman Co. Windmill Farm Development
  • Keystone Generating Station Flue Gas Desulfurization
  • Lon Hill to Nueces Bay Power Transmission Line
  • Marathon Santo Domingo Power Facility
  • Maraven Cardon Power Plant
  • Mauritania Banda Gas Project
  • Midwest Electric Joppa Power Plant
  • Neptune II Gas Plant
  • Newark Boxboard Cogeneration Plant
  • Nikiski Power Generation Plant Combined Cycle Conversion
  • North Pole Power Plant Expansion
  • NRG Cedar Bayou Generating Station
  • Parlin Cogeneration Plant
  • PPG La Porte Plant
  • Riyadh Power Plant 9
  • Rocky Road Power Plant
  • Smith Enron Puerto Plata Power Plant
  • South Texas Nuclear Site
  • Tracy Peaker Power Plant
  • US Department of Energy Idaho - Pit 9
  • Valero Aruba Refinery Tosi-5 Boiler
  • Venezuelan Extra-Heavy Oil Project Process Facility
  • Wildflower Indigo & Larkspur Energy Facilities