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Power, process, and industrial facility owners are faced with a variety of challenges when it comes to the operation and maintenance of these facilities. These industries are in a highly volatile and competitive market due to constantly changing regulatory and legislative requirements; pressure to comply with quality, safety, and increased security standards; and keeping up with advancing technology. Expectedly, the construction of industrial projects is often more complex than other types of projects and often leads to disputes and substantial project overruns. New trends in contracting strategies and skilled labor shortages also complicate matters, with owners transferring more risks to prime contractors.
Interface Consulting has experience in all stages of the engineering and construction process in a wide range of power, process, and industrial facilities. We assist contractors with design issues such as constructive changes, late materials and equipment, craft labor, and construction schedule delays involving engineering firms and EPC contractors. Equipment suppliers and installation contractors utilize our services for delays, specification changes, and liquidated damages. Our consultants provide project and contract risk analyses through contingency planning and by evaluating contracts for engineering, procurement, and construction. We also perform productivity and labor assessments, as well as impact studies of engineering and construction operations and fabrication facilities.

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