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Construction-related litigation and dispute resolution matters are often very document intensive, due to the large number of relevant documents produced during the course of a construction project. Key documents, including contracts; change orders; requests for information (RFIs); daily, weekly, and monthly reports; and project correspondence, can become extremely voluminous and difficult to manage. In response, many construction-related matters utilize electronic document production.

A significant advantage of managing and maintaining electronic documents is the ability to quickly and easily search those documents. Search capabilities rely on the text of those documents being available in the database. Documents which have been scanned from paper to an image file need to be processed via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert the images into text that can be read by a computer and searched using focused keywords. Interface Consulting provides this service to our clients in-house and is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of TIFF and PDF image files, resulting in text output that can be imported into a document management system such as Concordance or Summation.

When legal production documents are received electronically as TIFF or PDF images, Interface Consulting processes the documents using OCR and extracts the text. The text is then imported into a database system to enable rapid and efficient document searches.