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Interface Consulting attended Virginia CLE’s 32nd Annual Construction and Public Contracts Law Seminar from November 4-5, 2011, for the third year in a row as both a sponsor and exhibitor. This two-day seminar took place at the historic Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia. This year’s focus, “Mitigating Losses and Impacts on a Troubled Project – A View from Multiple Perspectives,” was a highly relevant topic for the attorneys, construction industry representatives, and Interface consultants in attendance.

Although the course offers attorneys a full year’s worth of Virginia CLE credits, it also offers excellent networking and education resources to those not in the legal profession. As dispute experts, Interface Consulting found the courses on “Troubled Projects” to be in line with the types of issues they assist construction industry client with every day. “The Troubled Project,” was discussed from the subcontractor, general contractor, owner, surety, insurer, and consultant perspectives.

Another course of note was the “Litigating or Arbitrating the Troubled Construction Project – A View from the Bench” course, which was chaired by two retired Virginia judges, Hon. Stanley P. Klein and Hon. Robert W. Wooldridge, Jr. As Interface Consulting President, Mr. Frank G. Adams, has served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and international forums since 1988, this course was especially interesting to our consultants in attendance.

About the Virginia CLE:

Virginia CLE® is a non-profit educational division of the Virginia Law Foundation. It is governed by the Foundation's Committee on Continuing Legal Education, which is comprised of representatives of the Virginia State Bar, the Virginia Bar Association, and most of Virginia's law schools. Our office is located at 105 Whitewood Road, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22901. For more information on the Virginia CLE, please visit


About Interface Consulting:

As engineers and construction consultants since 1986, Interface Consulting International, Inc. (, has provided a wide range of consulting and expert services to the construction- and energy-related industries in a variety of challenging settings – from the project field to the boardroom and courtroom. Interface Consulting is an authority on construction claims and construction management consulting with experience in more than 40 countries worldwide.