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Construction projects suffering from the inevitability of change orders can benefit from the article, “Death, Taxes…and Changes,” as published in Modern Contractor Solutions. The article, authored by Interface Consulting International, Inc., lays out a step-by-step guide for change management best practices that, if consistently followed, can maximize the ability to successfully manage projects through changes.

“Most projects experience some degree of change,” said Sullivan.  “Therefore, changes need to be anticipated before construction begins so they can be handled effectively through a process.”

The article summarizes an effective change management process, provides insight into potential issues, and recommends ways to maximize your ability to successfully manage a project’s inevitable changes. Most importantly, an effective change management process includes the following five (5) key steps:

  • Identification of the change
  • Notification of the change as required under the contract
  • Documentation of the impact of the change
  • Preparation of the change order proposal
  • Resolution of the change order proposal

Change order management continues to be a challenge for owners and contractors, and is oftentimes a major factor that leads to claims and disputes.

“By having a change management process in place, you are one step ahead of the problems that can occur and can manage the change while minimizing the impact to the project,” said Sullivan. 

As a testifying expert on construction claims, and with over 25 years of experience in the engineering and construction industries, Sullivan has worked extensively with contractor and owner claims that commonly stem from change orders and other project management issues. Sullivan has also published many construction management articles, including, “A Game Plan for Successful Construction Contracts,” as seen in Modern Contractor Solutions.

About Interface Consulting:

As engineers and construction consultants since 1986, Interface Consulting International, Inc. (, has provided a wide range of consulting and expert services to the engineering- and construction- related industries throughout all phases of project development, from engineering studies to procurement, and construction. Interface Consulting is an authority on construction claims and disputes resolution, as well as construction management consulting with experience in more than 40 countries worldwide.