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April 25, 2008
Interface Consulting will host the East End Chamber of Commerce’s April Infrastructure Task Force meeting at the Greater East End Management District headquarters. Houston-area developers, architects, and engineers will attend the meeting.

This month’s featured speaker is Shannon Teasley, Manager of Brownfields Redevelopment Program for the City of Houston. With the focus on Houston’s East End as the city’s next great place, development is expanding into Brownfield properties. Ms. Teasley will speak about the opportunities for commercial, residential, and transit-oriented development on and near the new Harrisburg light rail line.

The City of Houston’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program seeks to improve Houstonians' quality of life by facilitating the identification, assessment, cleanup, and beneficial redevelopment of Brownfields. The redevelopment can be anything that will benefit the community, such as housing for the elderly, new businesses that create jobs or shopping opportunities, or parks. The program works in coordination with other neighborhood improvement efforts of the City government, other governmental agencies, and the private sector.