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Construction projects suffering the effects of lost labor efficiency can benefit from a new industry guidebook co-authored by Interface Consulting International, Inc., principal consultant Philip D. Barnard, PE, CCP, and Pennsylvania State University’s professor emeritus of civil engineering H. Randolph Thomas, Ph.D., PE. The publication, “Conducting a Measured Mile Analysis: Concepts, Principles, and Procedures,” seeks to enhance the reliability of damage assessments utilizing the Measured Mile concept.

The guidebook defines the core principles behind the Measured Mile concept and details standardized procedures that enhance the reliability of the concept when quantifying damages. A Measured Mile analysis is a common approach utilized by construction experts that is widely accepted in the industry yet is often used inconsistently.

“Labor productivity issues are common on construction projects, and they often translate into big financial losses that may be recoverable under the project contract,” said Barnard. “There are a number of damage quantification approaches used by construction experts, but the Measured Mile approach is generally one that is considered both preferred and reliable by the courts.”

The authors draw from case studies of projects plagued by performance issues and case law exemplifying how the Measured Mile concept has historically been interpreted by the courts. Damage quantification methods such as the Total Cost, Modified Total Cost, Industry Curves & Indices, and the Measured Mile concept are examined and evaluated for their reliability. Strategies are also given for defending against loss of labor efficiency claims.

Thomas and Barnard have over 75 years of combined experience analyzing labor productivity and utilizing the Measured Mile concept. Thomas has published more than 100 articles on labor productivity and is author of “Construction Contract Interpretation” and “Fundamental Principles of Site Construction Management and Labor Productivity Improvement.” During his 35 years at Pennsylvania State University, Thomas conducted extensive research on labor productivity measurement and the quantification of labor inefficiencies. Thomas has pioneered innovative strategies addressing various measurement and quantification issues and maintains a productivity database covering approximately 200 construction projects.

As a testifying expert on construction claims, litigation, and arbitration matters and with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Barnard has worked extensively with contractor and owner claims utilizing the Measured Mile. Barnard shared his Measured Mile insights in a presentation delivered July 1 at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International in Washington, DC.

About Interface Consulting:

As engineers and construction consultants since 1986, Interface Consulting International, Inc. (, has provided a wide range of consulting and expert services to the construction- and energy-related industries in a variety of challenging settings – from the project field to the boardroom and courtroom. Interface Consulting is an authority on construction claims and construction management consulting with experience in more than 40 countries worldwide.