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The Middle East holds some of the most abundant supplies of oil and gas in the world. Along with major extraction and processing projects being undertaken in the area, inevitably, comes costly claims and disputes. Interface Consulting assists clients with claims and disputes stemming from troubled construction and engineering projects in this resource-laden region, from development fields off the shore of Oman to process facilities in Kuwait.

Interface Consulting has assisted owners, contractors, and their attorneys on the following Middle East projects:

  • Bukha Development 
  • EQUATE Air Separation Plant
  • Khafji Offshore Field Development
  • Kuwait Oil & Gas Facility
  • Momentum Phase II Drilling Rig Conversion
  • Qatar General Petroleum LNG Expansion
  • Riyadh Power Plant 9
  • Santa Fe Rig 127 Incident
  • Saudi Aramco Riyadh Refinery
  • Yemen LNG Development