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The following is a list of industrial facility projects for which Interface Consulting has provided construction claims services, assistance with construction management, and expert testimony in litigation and arbitration, along with other services:

  • Action Box Manufacturing Plant
  • Atlas Machine & Iron Works Building
  • Benteler Steel Tube Manufacturing Facility
  • Clarewood Properties Warehouse
  • Coca-Cola Ballina Beverages Plant
  • Continental Tire Manufacturing Plant
  • Fort Stewart Propane Air Mixing Plant
  • Georgia-Pacific Manufacturing Facility
  • Gerdau Monroe Steel Mill Manufacturing Plant
  • Gulf Chemical & Metallurgical Corp. CB 2 Building
  • Huish Detergents Orion Project
  • L-Way International Warehouse Telecommunication System
  • Lockheed Martin F-35 Component Finishing Facility
  • Reader's Wholesale Distributors Warehouse Addition
  • Smith Industries Plant Liquidation
  • Southdown Victorville Cement Plant Expansion
  • US Army Helicopter Depot & Painting Facility
  • Witco Brooklyn to Taft Process Plant Relocation