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Steps to add a vCard to Staff Profile

1. Create a vCard (using whichever addressbook application you have on your computer)

2. Compress vCard into zip file

compress vcard


3. Navigate to the Files module and add a File

add a file


4. Upload your zip file and consider name "[Employee name] vCard"

(You don't have to use this naming convention, but this is how the other vCards are named and it makes them easy to search in Files)


5. You can find the address of that file by hovering over the title of the file or the edit link


6. Create a new staff member in the staff module and type "vCard" in plain text in the CV section

Then highlight and click the 'add link' button

write vcard

7. Type in the address of the vCard file "/file/####/" (be sure to include the "/" at the beginning and end of the address

type in the link

There is now a link to the vCard in your staff profile!