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Construction-related litigation and dispute resolution matters are often very document intensive, due to the large number of relevant documents produced during the course of a construction project. Key documents, including contracts; change orders; requests for information (RFIs); daily, weekly, and monthly reports; and project correspondence can be extremely voluminous and difficult to manage.

Interface Consulting draws on its extensive experience in litigation and arbitration to provide high quality document management services to its clients. The firm evolves its document management abilities, from handling paper-based document discovery to electronic document-intensive discovery and remains current with new technology.

Interface Consulting provides an array of services to our clients relative to document management. These services include:

Electronic Discovery Document Databases

In today’s business environment, far more documentation exists in electronic format then in paper. As a result, litigation production can contain massive volumes of documents extending into terabytes. Interface Consulting’s electronic document management team provides the following database-related services in Concordance.

  • Set-up
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Hosting
  • Remote access
  • Tagging and sorting
  • Issue identification

Electronic Document Review and Analysis

Over the past decade, Interface Consulting has developed and honed a methodology for organizing and reviewing large sets of electronic documents, both in native and TIFF format. Interface Consulting applies a global document review-based approach which utilizes focused conceptual keyword searches and a multi-tiered review process. This methodology ensures that clients are afforded the most efficient document review possible and that key documents are identified, tagged, and reviewed in an orderly manner.

Paper Document Management and Storage

Interface Consulting’s experienced consultants routinely manage large volumes of paper document production. Although electronic documents are the prevailing medium, in large litigation cases, it is still common to potentially have hundreds of boxes of paper documents. Interface Consulting has the capacity to organize and manage almost any volume of documents.