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As construction and engineering experts, Interface Consulting has been involved in various projects across the vast expanses of Asia and Oceania. From oil and gas field developments off the coast of Australia to wastewater distribution systems in Thailand, Interface Consulting has provided comprehensive claim and dispute consulting services to contractors, owners, and attorneys.

The following list represents Interface Consulting’s project involvement across Asia and Oceania:

  • Bangkok Thailand Wastewater Distribution System
  • Challis Salram Oil Storage Facility
  • Conoco Belida Development 
  • Conoco Belida Field Development
  • Conoco Belida Offtake Facility & Pipeline
  • Esso Malaysia Production
  • Esso Production Malaysia
  • Liuhua Field Subsea Systems Development
  • Panna/Tapti Pipelines
  • Pogo Tantawan Field FPSO